Do you want to feel calmer in your mind and body?

I can help you reduce stress, anxiety and burnout, build your confidence to take meaningful action so you can enjoy and lead a more fulfilling, calmer, “ZEN” life!

Hi my name is Vicki

I really enjoy creating a personalised service for each of my clients based on my wealth of experience, knowledge and intuition.

I began my therapy journey after hearing the statistic “…that by 2030, mental illness would be the #1 illness globally, overtaking heart disease and cancer” and this was prior to the pandemic!

When I heard this statistic, I was driven to help people, as I knew this would have a major impact on future workplaces, communities, families and individuals and it was at this point that my curiosity about hypnotherapy grew.

I can help you with…


hypnotherapy | coaching | breathwork


Hypnotherapy is a form of guided hypnosis practiced by a certified, professional Hypnotherapist.  With the use of relaxation, permissive language, extreme concentration, and deliberate attention, clients are guided into a “trance” or altered state of consciousness. 

Hypnotherapy taps into the unconscious mind in order to relieve a wide variety of issues, limiting beliefs and thought patterns. 

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Coaching is great for those of us who want to make sustainable life changes for greater happiness and fulfilment. Coaching enhances our mindset, self knowledge and confidence so we live our best lives!

The Zen Mind coaching is designed to help you identify blockages, increase clarity, whilst giving you a structure to keep you motivated and accountable throughout the journey towards your success.

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Breathwork is an effective way of decreasing stress, anxiety, negative thought patterns, and depression levels.

Breathwork offers a very safe way to address stress, anxiety, grief, depression and anger head on so that our moods don’t start to take over our personal and professional lives. How we breathe often indicates how we feel.

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What they think about

Vicki is a fantastic mindset coach. Her direct, no nonsense, tough-love style and caring support have helped me tremendously. I would not have believed so much positive change was possible before I started my sessions with her. Vicki has truly challenged my thinking and supported me through a time of major transition in my life. She has helped me redefine my priorities and take massive strides towards a more fulfilling and happier life.
Vicki helped me to realise that I could control which thoughts I can focus on and which ones I really don't need to! I felt that this helped me to regain control over the anxiety and felt much calmer. Vicki has a very calming and soothing voice and I found it very relaxing whilst having hypnosis. I highly recommend Vicki as a hypnotherapist; she definitely helped me during an extremely difficult time.
Vicki taught me strategies that I could use discretely in practical situations and was able to expertly help me shift limiting beliefs and past trauma which enabled me to release and let go of things I was holding onto that were no longer serving me. She has such a lovely way about her that you can’t help but be put at ease. Her knowledge and experience mean that you can be confident you are in expert hands.

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